Connecticut Tax Attorney – Location

Ann Brookes has been successfully serving clients since 1994. Her law offices are located in eastern Connecticut, convenient to Hartford, Middletown, and Norwich.

Individual state tax laws may be unique, however, IRS rules are the same from coast to coast. Although Attorney Brookes is located in Connecticut, she serves clients from all over the country and around the world.  Technology makes it possible for Ann to provide legal advice and sound representation to clients regardless of their location. At times, she meets with clients at their location, near or far.

Attorney Brookes is professional and handles each IRS case discreetly. Even so, some clients are embarrassed and prefer to handle their situation over the phone or via the internet. Many people actually prefer an out of state attorney because it protects their anonymity. Others have moved abroad and need an American attorney to resolve their IRS matters at home. Still others prefer to hire someone capable of resolving their IRS matters regardless of location. Ann knows that dealing with financial problems can be awkward and is prepared to make things as comfortable as possible. She also knows how incredibly stressful dealing with the IRS can feel. No matter your location, Ann works directly with the IRS on behalf of her clients. In most cases, the IRS will stop calling her clients from the time that she is hired. Clients find relief in knowing they don’t have to deal directly with the IRS themselves once they have hired Attorney Brookes.