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Attorney Ann Brookes

Many people who are dealing with the IRS feel overwhelmed. They spend sleepless nights agonizing over what might happen. They wonder if their home, car and other valuable personal assets will be taken from them. The fear of losing your financial security is extremely stressful, but Attorney Brookes can help.

Ann Brookes deals with the IRS every day and has more than 20 years’ experience in negotiating fair settlements for her clients. She knows that the government’s ultimate goal is to collect a reasonable portion of the amount owed in the least amount of time and is prepared to settle your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Ann has done this with winning IRS Offers in Compromise over and over again.  You can see some recent examples on our “Successes” page.  Other times, Ann has obtained manageable payment plans with the IRS for her clients, some of whom are catching up on filing back tax returns that have a combined amount of tax due that they can’t pay at once.

The point is there ARE options for dealing with exorbitant tax debts and Attorney Ann Brookes is prepared to help you find the solution that makes the most sense for you. There are several choices that she might discuss with you.

IRS Offer in Compromise

Another way of handling tax debt is through an Offer in Compromise, sometimes called OIC.  This is basically a proposal made to the IRS to pay a lesser amount in a lump sum.   Many people call these “settlements.”  Offers in Compromise are typically filed because the taxpayer can’t afford to pay the total balance due without suffering a financial hardship.

In order to make this type of Offer in Compromise, you have to make a full and honest disclosure of your finances to the IRS. This means you have to submit a signed financial statement with documents to show what you have, what you make, and what you spend. The process can take many months, but the IRS won’t levy your assets or wages during this time.

Like any settlement, submitting an OIC has its pros and cons.  Attorney Brookes can help you evaluate whether an OIC is the right step for you and she can advise you on an amount that she believes will be a successful offer. She will prepare your offer submission for you and work with the IRS on your behalf through the entire process.

You don’t need to go into greater debt while trying to alleviate the financial burdens that are on your shoulders Whether it’s a payment plan or an Offer in Compromise, Attorney Brookes will guide you through the process while taking the steps necessary to hold off IRS collection against your income and assets while doing so.

Tax Payment Plan

A payment plan can offer instant relief and allow you to live your life without that black cloud looming over you. Basically, it allows you to pay the government over time, sometimes with a lower penalty rate. Once established, a payment plan will eliminate IRS attempts to levy your assets or garnish your wages. Attorney Brookes can help you decide if a payment plan is right for you and will handle all the IRS negotiations. She will keep you informed during every step to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.