Attorney Ann Brookes

For over twenty years, Ann Brookes has been helping people solve their federal, state and local tax problems. She listens to her clients – gets to know their financial needs, and works with them to achieve the best possible settlements.

Fear of the unknown can be unnerving – especially when your reputation and financial independence are at stake. Ann’s legal experience and tax knowledge are complemented by her compassion and attention to detail. She knows that a legal battle can be intimidating and takes the time to explain things in clear, easy to understand terms. Clients are relieved when they know that someone they trust is there to help them through this daunting process. Ann is committed to providing her clients with the knowledge they need to regain control of the situation and make informed decisions.

Ann holds both a law degree and a masters of laws degree in taxation; she worked as an attorney for the IRS while earning her masters in taxation.  She is admitted to the U.S. Tax Court.  This means she can challenge an IRS audit bill (Statutory Notice of Deficiency) in court before the IRS makes her clients pay the tax bill.  Ann is also admitted to U.S. District Court for the Districts of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

What clients are saying

“Dear Ann, I hope that you remember me and the fact that you were my life saver a few years back in orchestrating an Offer in Compromise for me with the IRS.  Well – I just wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU!!  My last payment on the OIC was made today.  It is finally over!  Of course I must be good for years to come as far as they are concerned, but it is such a welcome relief to finally have this debt behind me.  I can never thank you enough for everything you did for me…without you I don’t what I would have done or where I’d be today.”

“Dealing with the IRS is a fearful thing. Ann made me feel at ease right away. She assured me that if we did a complete and accurate accounting of my case, that the IRS agent would appreciate our earnestness and be far more amiable towards a quick settlement. I appreciated this common sense honest approach. Her estimated overview of how things would play out over the coming months and what her expectations of the outcome, proved to be very accurate.
Ann’s rapport with the agent delivered a payment plan that was way beyond my expectations! What a stress relief! I will happily recommend Ann Brookes to any of my friends and clients! Thank you again.”